Chafing cream

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Hoo Ha Ride Glide®
Cycling Anti-Chafing Cream

Hoo Ha Ride Glide® The Original Skin & Chamois Cream formulated for women


Hoo Ha Ride Glide® was developed by women athletes who needed a an anti-chafing skin cream formulated for their most girlie parts. They searched high and low and only found a anti-chafing cream for nuts...vaginal chafing and a woman's needs are different, so they created Hoo Ha Ride Glide®. May also be used on the inner thighs, nipples, armpits, sports bra contact areas and other skin areas where exercise chafing occurs.


Highlighted benefits:


Anti-Bacterial: natural ingredients that have shown to have medicinal properties that dramatically reduce the risk of infections, including lavender, tea tree leaf, peppermint and eucalyptus leaf essential oils 


Accelerates Healing: epilobium angustifolim flower/leaf/stem extract and vitammins E, B5, and C help heal and soothe any current chafing, friction burn or saddle sore


Anti-Inflammatory: phellodendron amurense bark extract, sandalwood, barley and licorice extract decrease inflammation and increase comfort


Anti-Chafing: protects delicate skin by creating a comfortable friction free barrier using FDA approved ingredients


Safe & Healthy: no parabens, fragrance, or animal byproducts/testing


Provides a nice cooling feeling without an irritating you enjoy the ride!


It makes you smile just thinking about using it.